Semi Permanent Makeup by Dov (SPMU)

Having worked in the Semi Permanent Makeup industry for the last five years, I have worked at a number of top London salons and have also trained under ‘Agnes Permanent’.

I offer a wide range of Semi Permenet treatments including: Hair stroke/Block/Ombré/Microblading Brows, 3D Lips, Eyeliner and more.

What is Semi Permanent Makeup? 

Semi Permanent Makeup, also known by a number of other names including Permanent Makeup, Eyebrow Tattoos, Micro Pigmentation and many more. Semi Permanent Makeup is a method where small amounts of pigment are inserted into your skin. There are two methods of semi permanent makeup, one is the tattoo method where a machine is used and the pigment is inserted slightly deeper into the skin providing a longer lasting result. The second method is Microblading, this is a hand tool method and again inserts pigment into the skin, as this isn’t as deep as a tattoo the results last around 12 months.

Semi Permanent Makeup is also used for those who suffer from hair loss, this can be due to a number of reasons including medical treatments/illnesses, over plucking and more. Semi Permanent Makeup saves you having to draw on eyebrows everyday and in time can save you money on eyebrow makeup. The biggest reward for me is seeing a customers face when they see their eyebrows in the mirror. You can see the confidence this treatment gives them, with semi permanent makeup you can really make the eyebrows look natural using fine hair strokes.