What is Semi-Permanent Makeup?

Semi-Permanent Makeup, also known as Permanent Makeup, Permanent Cosmetics, Derma Graphics or Cosmetic Tattooing, is a treatment where very small particles of pigments are implanted into the skins surface using a hand tool or tattoo machine. The depth can vary depending on treatment and tool used. Areas such as eyebrows and lips the pigment can be placed a little deeper but not as far as a conventional tattoo meaning the pigments can fade overtime.

Who would benefit from Semi-Permanent Makeup?

There are so many people who benefit from this treatment. It is not just about vanity it also helps those suffering with hair loss regain confidence.

How will it look when it’s finished? And how long will it last?

When you go for your appointment your therapist will talk you through the treatment and agree colour and shape. The colour on the treated area will appear a little dark at first but will reduce during the healing period. This is normally between 5-10 days but depends on the individuals own healing time. The treatment can last up to 5 years depending again on the persons aftercare resume and their own healing time. We cannot guarantee how long it will last or the outcome results. This will be discussed at your consultation.

How long will it take to have a treatment?

One SPM treatment takes around 2 hours. You should allow extra time if you are having more than one treatment i.e eyebrows and lipliner would be up to 4 hours.

What about recovery time?

The recovery time is around 2 weeks, this depends on the individual as some heal quicker than others.

Can I have this treatment whilst pregnant?

No, this treatment cannot be performed whilst you are pregnant.

What should I expect during healing?

Your therapist will talk you through the healing process and throughly explain what you should expect along with after care advise.

The day after treatment you should expect to see a light crust forming. The area may be slightly itchy as the skin heals, the pigmented area will look darker that your chosen shade. Once the crust flakes off the colour will lighten.

If you have any concerns during healing please contact your therapist.

Is there any down time?

No, you can go out as soon as you have had the treatment. The treated area may be red and slightly swollen. Your are advised not to apply makeup or creams, unless provided and advised by your therapist.

Whats the difference between Microblading and Tattoo Methods?

Microblading – Hand tool method. Microblading uses a small hand tool with around five small needles at the end. These are extremely fine needles and provide the customer with a natural look. Microblading, is not inserted as deep into the skin as the tattoo method therefore results do not last as long. Microblading is a relatively new treatment and has amazed people with its results.

Tattoo Method – The tattoo method uses a machine, and only one needle. The needle is inserted deeper into the skin and the results last longer than microblading. The tattoo method has been around for a number of years.

Does the treatment hurt?

The process itself is fairly painless, numbing cream is applied to the area before any treatment is carried out. You may feel some discomfort but 98% of clients feel very little.