Semi Permanent Makeup Aftercare

Here is a guide as to what you should expect after receiving the Semi Permanent Makeup Treatment (SPMU).

The first thing you will notice is your eyebrows maybe looking a little darker than you may expect, this is nothing to worry about and is completely normal. Over the next four to ten days the colour will begin to fade and may take up to four to six weeks for the true colour to come through. Do not be alarmed if the colour seems to disappear during the healing process this is due to the skin repairing itself and is forming new layers and is only temporary.

You may experience a little discomfort around the treated area, you can reduce this by using the cream provided as explained by your therapist. Do not over use the cream as this can effect the treated area.

Avoid getting the area wet, and clean with a cotton wool pad. Remember to wash your hand each time you touch the treated area and use a fresh cotton wool pad each time to avoid infection.

Over the next week apply the cream to your eyebrows as instructed by your therapist remember to only apply a thin layer of cream as your skin needs to be allowed to breathe and repair. Try to keep your hair away from the treated area to again avoid infection.

The treated area may experience the following symptoms for two to seven days after the treatment, which is completely normal:
• Flaking
• Tenderness
• Dryness and itching
• Swelling
• Redness

Do not be tempted to take off any scabs that have fared as this can remove the pigment along with the crust. You should avoid the following for two weeks after your treatment.

Things you should avoid for 1-2 weeks:
• Soaps, facial cleansers, water on pigmented areas
• Washing pigmented area
• Chlorine pools
• Retin-A on pigmented areas
• Makeup on pigmented area for 5 days, including non-allergenic
• Hot, steamy, long showers
• Sun on pigmented areas
• Jacuzzis or saunas

We understand it isn’t always possible but try to avoid water for at least one week after the treatment. Ensure shampoos and gels don’t get onto the pigmented areas.

Make sure you keep up to date with regular top ups to keep your colour looking fresh.